Put the wild back in africa

What Wild Live Does

Introducing the first ever wildlife conservation project that allows direct participation through Social Media. We restore land and re-establish viable habitats in which wildlife can flourish. Join our team now and be part of the project as it unfolds. For more info, subscribe on Facebook for updates.

6 reasons to donate

  • Wild Live is your opportunity to be part of a global first in conservation initiatives. Be part of a team that is set to change the way people think about conservation.
  • See your money put to good work. Our system means you'll be regularly updated on the project's progress and have real insight into where every cent is spent.
  • Actively participate in the rejuvenation of commercial farmland and watch it return to its former natural glory.
  • By providing a safe haven for endangered African game species, you'll be playing a part in ensuring the future of these animals for future generations.
  • Wild Live is so much more than a vision for a particularly special tract of land, it's an effort to create a model that others can follow in the future.
  • If you're passionate about South Africa's indigenous wildlife species, there really isn't an easier or more effective way to do your part in conservation.

meet the team

  • Clint

    clint dixon

    An ambitious entrepreneur, family man and skilled business person, Clint's passion lies in being a successful conservationist and game farmer while enjoying the simpler things in life. He spends time studying the various animals used for breeding programs and is a pivotal part of the Wild Live team.

  • Lisa

    lisa dixon

    Lisa is a multi talented business woman, mother and nature lover whose personal paradise is on her farm where, among other things, she spends time instilling a sense of responsibility in her three boys, interacting with animals and working tirelessly on the many conservation efforts at Wild Live.

  • Hendrik

    hendrik mostert

    With more than 15 years of experience in the police force and having personally protected Nelson Mandela, Hendrik's razor sharp reflexes, solid demeanor and ability to learn quickly makes him an invaluable part of the Wild Live team. His passion lies in working with reptiles and fish.

  • Giffy

    Giffy McWild

    Of everyone in the whole team, no one personifies the wonder, majesty and joy of nature quite like Giffy does. While most days are spent lazing, grazing and enjoying the quiet, this beautifully tall creature also works to further the common goal at Wild Live – to make the world a better place.

  • Colett

    Colett Janse van rensburg

    Having skillfully combined her passion for both riding and photography, Colett can often be found snapping photographs of animals while on horseback, which has resulted in some incredible moments. Her deep commitment to conservation and animals is an extraordinary benefit to the Wild Live team.

  • Natalie

    natalie steffen

    After studying to be a field guide in Phalaborwa, Natalie emerged with a multitude of skills that includes everything from guiding game drives to handling a rifle. A certified outdoor fanatic, she has worked with endangered species and particularly enjoyed rearing young animals like tigers, jaguars and skunks.